23 Funny Sheep Memes, Botch

This first sheep meme might be true. I think I might have eaten there before.
Sheep eating meme: All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet or until somebody takes a dump.

I think you know where these sheep memes are headed…
Stan Botch and a big sheep meme: I just took a massive sheep.

If I was a sheep, I would probably look like the sheep in this next meme. People would say “Man, you look like sheep!”
Ugly sheep meme: I am a wolf in recycled sheep's clothing.

Funny sheep meme: Organic is just a state of mind cause I eat pesticides all day
I probably eat pesticides all day too because I can’t afford organic.

Angry goat meme: Dear Lonely Farmers, I am not a sheep.
NPR has an article with the title “Is This A Goat Or A Sheep? It’s Harder Than You Think” which actually sounds like something a lonely farmer would of said to that goat before…well you know.

Stan Botch farting a sheep meme: Did you just sheep yourself?
Tell your nephew that the picture above is how sheep are born. Then tell you sister your sorry.

Lamb sitting down meme: Mary had a little lamb, now Mary wants a lamb chop.
Or is it…Mary had a little lamb…now Mary has a Candy Crush addiction.

Funny sheep meme: My shepherd fell asleep, he started counting.
I don’t count sheep to help me fall asleep…I count wool.

Three-legged sheep meme: I do not eat four-legged animals. Would this work?
“Maybe if you take off one more leg…”

This next meme might be true. We will never know.
Sleepy sheep meme: Reincarnation is real, I died from an Ambien overdose.

Stan Botch at the office with a sheep meme: Don't sheep where you eat

Stan Botch at a university with a sheep meme: Don't sheep where you eat

Mean sheep meme: Sheep produce milk, stay away from my teats.
Actually, I think you want us to stay away from your teats.

Cool goat meme: You can clone a sheep but you'll never clone this goatee

Two mountain goats meme: If you call us sheep one more time were going to jump.
“What if I don’t say anything and there is a strong wind?”

Sheep sitting down meme: I ate paint chips as a lamb. Am I still organic?
People thought I ate paint chips as a kid and I’m fine… but “fine” depends on your point of view.

Old man and a sheep meme: I am getting too old for this sheep.

Funny-looking lamb meme: Hungry? Try the veal.
Look at that lambs eyes…I think it has a concussion.

Sheep eating grass meme: Never tell sheep about the 5 second rule.
But you can tell them about the “don’t eat turds” rule.

Stan Botch and a flock of sheep meme: I gotta get my sheep together.

Boy holding a lamb meme: Make wool or become lamb chop? Kill me now.
That kid probably did.

Two white sheep and one black sheep meme: Everything you need to make a panda.
Well, you could definitely make a stuffed panda…or mutton.

I made a sheep album.
Sheep meme: Your Sheep Hit the Fan Album Cover

I created these 23 sheep memes to go along with my series of funny sheep videos. I’ve been getting sheep done.

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